By Mike Z., Sep 1, 2018

Wow, Mike achieved the impossible fix on my E-bike! Where two other bike shops failed, Mike really shined. He figured out how to fix my controller, putting it back into the wheel, (that I fumbled taking it out) and fabricating new screws to make it all go back together again. Rewired the whole E-bike kit, logically fastening all wires very nicely. Mike also figured out how retrofit a front disc brake to the new forks. When he brought it back to me, I could not believe how smooth it road. So convenient having it picked up and dropped off, especially now that the bike is not as light with new battery and wheel motor. I give him 5 stars! A real gem for the Bend area.

By Jeff S.

As a budding bikepacker and endurance rider and racer the Forklink has transformed my bike set up. Getting the weight off my back onto the fork has improved my riding comfort dramatically. Carrying the extra water and bulky camping gear down low is both convenient and improves bike handling, plus it makes necessary items easy to access. I can’t say enough about how well the Forklink performs……..No rattling, floppy bags crowding the handlebars. This year alone I completed an extended trip riding the Colorado Trail as well as the Oregon Outback and expect I’ll be seeing a lot more Forklinks out on the trail…… Swami (Jeff S)

By Ron T.

I really really like this product from Funner Bike Works.
I helped in the development a little by ride testing them on the Arizona Trail Race 750 and Olympic 420 routes and absolutely loved them. I was looking for a reliable solution to get more of the cargo and water weight lower on the bike and not hanging of the seat post or backpack as both these options have a fairly large impact on ride comfort and handling. Mike Wanner has developed these concept ideas into a really great product. The Fork Link.


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