Fork Links

Q.  What do they fit?

A.  Fork Links are 7 5/8″ (194 mm) long and have a nominal 1 1/2″ (38 mm) diameter, which can adjust to fit most round fork legs.  Some forks for 26″ wheels have a swell at the support arch and mounting the Fork Link below the arch can cause clearance issues for disc rotors with the lower clamp.  Mounting the Fork Link onto the swell works and will allow for proper clearance between the clamp and disc rotor.

Q.  What colors do they come in?

A.  Metallic emerald green is the stock color but custom colors can be made.  Please use the contact form to inquire about lead time and pricing.

Q.  How much weight can I carry on each Fork Link?

A. You can easily carry two large water bottles on each Fork Link.  You can also carry light, bulky items or a mix of both.

Q.  Is bike handling affected?

A.  Keeping the weight low and close to the centerline of the bike minimizes any affect on handling. With the Fork Links mounted on the fork legs of a standard fork (not an inverted crown fork), the weight does not affect the spring rate, rebound or other characteristics of the fork tuning.