Mike Wanner is a bike guy with over 20 years of experience working on bikes. He owned a bike shop for 16 years and studied welding for two years.  Combining his skills, he attended the Frame Building program at the United Bicycle Institute in Portland, Oregon and has built over 20 frames for himself and customers.

After a bikepacking trip in rough, dry country with a rigid bike, Mike came up the the idea of Fork Links to strap gear to a suspension fork and make his next trip much more comfortable. From concept to prototype to jigging up for production, Mike has refined and tested the links and uses them regularly for short and long trips.

In his own words:

Hello everyone this is my story. Riding bikes is a natural movement of my body. It’s easy to me to pedal. Cycling has led me to a place in life that I can’t get out of. For the last 16 years I have been a bike shop owner. My wife and I decided to relocate to Bend Oregon and 2 years later I closed the bike shop.

I still ride as much as possible mountain bikes and the dirt are my favorite. However the road bike is amazing when going fast. I didn’t get much time on my Fat Bike last winter because of the parking job at Mt. Bachelor.

Summer came and the bike park opened at the mountain. Late in the season they called me to work in the repair department fixing rental down hill bikes and customers bikes on the hill. Just when I thought my days in the bike industry where over, with the closing of my bike shop. The passion for bike repair and connecting with people are rekindled.

So what to do now, look for a place and do bike repair? Easer said than done, especially in Bend. With the suggestion of my wife, I should go mobile. Enter the BRV  – “Bicycle Repair Van”. Once again easier said than done, but isn’t anything worth doing hard?  Two months later here we are.  I say we because it was my wife Carrie’s idea and I made it happen.

Bicycle repair only and a small convenient space. It can’t get any better than that especially when I’m good (not trying to boast) at repairing bikes and love every minute of it.